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Different uses of the paracord


Daily carrying purpose of paracord:
Hang a rope and tie a key, neck knife, whistle, etc. around your neck.
Use it for shoelaces.
Hang it on the key and knife and put it in your pocket. It's easier to pull it out of your pocket.
Use it as a belt.
Used as a sling.
The drawstring of elastic pants.
Paracord bracelet.
Watch strap.
Pet belt.
Pet collar.
Hair band.
A rope for tying things.

Survival purpose of paracord
Knife pendant.
Wrap the hollow bone handle knife with paracord.
Wrap the newly cut wooden stick with paracord.
Hang the scabbard of Lin Dao around your neck with an paracord.
Fasten equipment to prevent loss.
A handle rope used as a bag.

Use of paracord on temporary shelter:
When making a shelter, it is used to fix and tie wooden columns, so as to build a shelter.
Use paracord to fix the tarpaulin on the tree and use it as an elevated bed.
Tie the hammock together with an paracord.
The tarpaulin is fixed to the top of the shelter with paracord to build the roof.
Tie a tarpaulin between the two trees, and then tie the tarpaulin to the tent.
Use purpose of paracord related to hunting:
Use the inner core of the paracord as the trap wire.
Use the inner core of paracord as fishing line.
Repair the fishing net with the inner core of the paracord.
Make a small fishing net with the inner core of the paracord.
Make a slingshot rope with an paracord.
Bind a knife and a stick to make a spear.

Use of paracord related to fire making:
The inner core of paracord is used as a bow drill for making fire.
The whole loose umbrella opening rope is used as tinder to make fire.
Food related paracord uses:
Hang the pot and cup.
The inner core of paracord is used as dental floss.
Hang food on a tree away from wild animals.
Use of paracord related to first aid:
The inner core of paracord can be used as suture.
A sling for hanging arms.
Temporary tourniquet.
Safety splint.
Make a temporary stretcher.

Purpose of paracord related to traffic:
Tie the temporary raft together with paracord.
Tie it into a net bag for holding articles
Tie some items to your backpack or belt for easy carrying.
Shoelaces for making sandals.
Used to make snowshoes.
Make a pulley or something similar to transport goods.
Tie the sticks together to make a ladder.
Help climb the tree with an paracord.
Bind a boat or raft.
Bundle items together for easier carrying.
Bind firewood for easy handling.
Tied to the sled, it will be easy to drag on the snow.
Tie it to a tree to make trace marks.
While climbing the cliff, tie the equipment together.

Safety related use of paracord:
When many people get lost, use the paracord to connect the blades one by one to walk together.
Act as handcuffs to bind people.
Tie your opponent to a tree.
Act as a whip.

Purpose of signal related paracord:
Tie colorful clothes to the top of the tree to send signals.
Purpose of paracord related to backpack:
If the zipper of the coat is broken, it can be tied with an paracord to keep warm outdoors.
Bind the backpack when the backpack belt is broken.
The bra strap of women's underwear is broken, and the paracord is used instead of the bra strap.
When it rains and there is no shelter, tie the waterproof cloth with an paracord to avoid getting wet.

Camping / outdoor related paracord uses:

A line that serves as a tent.
Repair the sails.
Used as bowstring.
Simple rope.

Other uses:
Thread for sewing clothes.
skipping rope
A cat's toy.
Hanging objects.
Crochet basket.
Use wood and tools to make a chair.
Tie the hammock.
Simple fuse.
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