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Paracord Mouse Cables


Paracord is a long woven or braided cord used in a variety of different applications. Typically made of nylon, paracord was made famous in the military for its strength and durability. It is classified as a kern mantle rope, which is a rope with a core and an outer shell. Some paracord is so strong that it can hold over 700 pounds.

Its strength comes from its internal structure, a core cord made of several nylon strands wrapped in an outer shell made of more nylon strands. The core cord acts as the main channel for the paracord, while the outer shell protects the core cord and increases the overall strength of the paracord. Nylon, an artificial material, is designed to stretch, which helps increase the durability of the paracord. However, paracord’s durability isn’t the only benefit of using it as a mouse cable.

A gaming mouse with a paracord is the closest thing to a wireless mouse, thanks in part to how malleable and light the cables are. Braided cables, like paracord, add more durability than regular plastic cords. Yet, though they look similar, braided cables are heavier and more rigid in comparison to paracord. Nylon strands wrapped around a metallic sheath are the typical construction of a braided cable, with the metallic sheath protecting the connector wires of the mouse. 

Another benefit of paracord is creating and replacing the cord of a mouse right at home. A spool of nylon thread is relatively inexpensive (usually $4.99 per 100 feet), meaning practically anyone could get started making custom paracord cables. Though, to make one will require patience and an informative tutorial for first-time paracord creators.

Overall, a gaming mouse with a paracord is faster, lighter, and more durable than standard gaming cables. Given the benefits, it’s clear why so many gamers have made the switch to paracord for their wired gaming mouse of choice.

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